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At Clark-Esposito Law, we streamline collaboration by understanding your needs and proposing efficient solutions. Our client-focused communication ensures efficiency, avoiding unnecessary time or costs. Book your introductory call now.

Meet Deanna Clark

Founder & Managing Attorney

Helping Companies Grow

I've always loved being a part of something that is growing, and I started the law firm in order to help companies who were expanding do so successfully. We work with highly regulated industries and as such, there is a lot of oversight which is required in order to avoid the pitfalls that come with non-compliance.

As our clients' businesses evolve, the way in which we help evolves too. Given the complexity of the work we deal in, and the day-to-day regulatory changes that arise, similar to what we encourage our clients to have, our law firm has a robust set of policies and procedures that we operate within to ensure smooth and systematic operations, which results in the efficient delivery in our client's work product.

Internally, our values include that we are responsible for our own actions, accountable to others, and professional in all that we do. With these principles, our firm has a team where mutual respect and civility - among ourseleves, with our clients and within our community - are the cornerstone of everything we do.

It energizes me to be a part of something that is thriving and where I am able to see the fulfillment of both professional and personal goals. For those of you who share the same ethos, I welcome your reaching out to our firm.

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Deanna Clark

The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

What Our Clients Say

M.T. / Owner / Nicotine Manufacturer 

"I went to a seminar that was led by Deanna.  We were impressed with her presentation and experience in our business community.  When we had the need for legal services, we contacted them and have since retained her firm.   Deanna is highly organized and reliable.  We are still involved in the project with them but are very happy with their performance to date."
Our Values

Our Values

1. Be Approachable and Responsive
2. Support Individual and Career Advancement
3. Embrace Diversity and Nurture Inclusivity
4. Uphold Integrity and Treat People with Respect
5. Exceed Expectations Consistently
6. Work Collectively and Foster Team Unity
7. Celebrate Achievements and Success

Collaborating with Clark-Esposito Law offers a seamless experience. We have developed a streamlined 5-step process designed to guarantee a deep understanding of your unique needs and to ensure that you have a clear picture of what to expect at each stage of our partnership. This approach allows us to tailor our services effectively to meet your specific legal requirements, ensuring that we are aligned with your objectives from the outset.

Becoming A Client | 5-Step Process

Working With Us

Policies & Legal Bulletins

Green Policy

Green Policy

At our company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability through our comprehensive green policy. With a firm belief in environmental stewardship, we have implemented a range of initiatives aimed at minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting a healthier planet.

External Policies

External Policies

Our external policies ensure mutual respect, emphasizing honesty and open communication with our clients. We want you to know at the outset what you can expect from us and what we ask of you. These policies include everything from email communication to final product delivery.

Legal Bulletins

Legal Bulletins

We are committed to providing you with the most relevant and up-to-date information through our legal bulletins. We understand that changes in regulations and policies by government agencies can have significant implications for your business operations and strategic planning. 

Capabilities Statement

FINAL_Capabilities Statement_2024_MAR_12.png

Company Overview

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