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Mitigating Business Risk

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Top 10 Business Risk Mitigation Services

Helping existing businesses tackle their challenges, especially when it comes to navigating the complexities of highly regulated industries, is our specialty. We help you implement the processes and standard operating procedures to ensure day-to-day compliance.


Form A New Business Entity

For help with establishing a new U.S. company or a related entity in another state, together with its formation documents.


Draft, Analyze & Negotiate Contracts

For businesses who understand the importance of limiting risk exposure through solid contract execution when embarking on a new, or modifying an existing, venture.


Apply for Permits & Licenses

For those who recognize that qualifying for, and submitting these applications, can be more complex than meets the untrained eye. 


Defend Government Allegations

For businesses facing government allegations who want help to avoid penalties and other ramifications.


Global Sales Legal Strategy

For businesses who want to launch or improve their existing global operations and seek assistance in navigating regulations and ensuring compliance. 


Bylaws & Operating Agreement Review

For those who need fundamental changes to their foundational corporate documents, and help with filing these amended records.


Foreign Company Legal Registration

For domestic companies with a need to formally register their business in a new state, or foreign companies who need to establish a U.S. presence.


Responsing To Government Inquiries

For businesses facing government inquiries who recognize the importance of responding thoroughly, without saying more than necessary.


New Opportunity Risk Mitigation

For those considering a new business opportunity and want help assessing the potential legal and financial risks involved.


Transfers to Delaware Corp

For entities looking to transfer operations or assets to a Delaware corporation who need help with making such a conversion.

Forming A US Company

Starting a new U.S.-based company can involve various federal agencies, depending on the nature of your business, and the products or services.
Global Trade and Sanctions
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