• Deanna Clark-Esposito

What Should I Consider When Importing? A Video Interview with Tony Liu, Esq. and Deanna Clark, Esq.

The specific rules and regulations that govern importing in the United States can be extremely complex, confusing, and potentially costly for new importers to navigate. Import compliance violations can result in sanctions, fines, seizure of goods, and the interruption or loss of privileges due to neglect or oversight. In order to avoid potential problems during the customs clearance process, it is important for importers to practice due diligence and be knowledgeable of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) policies and procedures prior to importing their goods.

In this interview, our Managing Attorney Deanna Clark, Esq. and Business Law Attorney Tony Liu, Esq. of Focus Law Group, discuss the importance of preparing written customs compliance programs, practicing reasonable care, and other critical topics. Adopting these practices prior to importing goods are beneficial for minimizing the risk of being selected for inspection and incurring penalties.

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