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Understanding Requirements for Label Placement on Upper and Lower Body Garments

When it comes to labeling garments, compliance with specific regulations is crucial. Below is an essential guide on label placement for upper and lower body garments to help you stay compliant and ensure your products are properly labeled.

A label is required to be securely affixed to each article of wearing apparel or other textile fiber product and as appropriate, to its package or container. Where more than one (1) label is required to provide all necessary information, be sure to remember that the rule regarding the front facing placement of country of origin information on a label must be adhered to.

General Labeling Requirements

  • Label information must be conspicuous

  • Any physical label, or if required information is printed on to the fabric itself, it must be of such durability as to remain attached to the product and/or its package throughout any

    • Distribution

    • Sale, and/or

    • Resale

  • A label must remain attached until sold and delivered to the ultimate consumer

Specific Rules for Garments with a Neck

  • Country of Origin: A label disclosing the country of origin must be affixed to the inside center of the neck midway between the shoulder seams or in close proximity to another label affixed to the inside center of the neck AND must appear on the front of the label.

  • Fiber Content: May be disclosed on the same label as the country of origin, or another conspicuous and readily accessible label(s) on the inside or outside of the garment

  • RN# or Company Name: May be disclosed on the same label as the country of origin, or on another conspicuous and readily accessible label(s) on the inside or outside of the garment.

  • Other Required Information: Such as the Care Label information, may be on either the front or the reverse side of a label, provided the information is conspicuous and readily accessible.

Specific Rules for Garments with a Waist

All of the general requirements and rules described above for upper body garments apply to those with a waist with the exception of the placement of the label which is as follows.

  • EXCEPTION: The placement of the label, or labels, with all of the above Required Information must be along the waistline itself and not anywhere else.

By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure that your garments are compliant with labeling regulations, avoiding legal issues and promoting transparency with your customers. Our firm is here to support you in navigating these regulations and achieving compliance.

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