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One Black Eye and Other Covid Takeaways

I recently spent a week going through the various phases of COVID-19. As each day progressively got worse, midway through, I found myself dizzy and fainted. Needless to say, it hurt.

Coming out of the virus, I began to wonder what lessons there were from this whole experience that could be applied to business. I came up with the following short list of things.

Lesson 1: If you're feeling dizzy, sit down before you fall.

In life, as in business, at times you can feel as if you are spiraling. The lesson here is to not wait until it brings you down forcefully. Have a seat, take a few deep breaths, and even lie down if you need to, but avoid falling. By doing so, you will come away un-bruised and without a black eye (the way I did from my fall).

Lesson 2: If your nose is stuffy, blow it.

Whether a business owner or not, when pursuing a chosen path, we can run into roadblocks. Some may be insurmountable, however, most simply involve getting that roadblock out of the way. So next time you have one, just blow it out of your way (metaphorically that is).

Lesson 3: If you're not able to pursue one project due to circumstances beyond your control, consider an alternative one that you are able to pursue.

Though I could not concentrate enough to responsibly engage in the practice of law (or do virtually anything which required brain power, to be honest), I could for a short period of time everyday, take Greek lessons with the ever friendly language app, Duolingo. Could I say I'm ready to successfully navigate my next trip to Santorini in Greek? Probably not. But I'm more ready than I was a week ago, and languages, like businesses, are a consistent and steady progression of improvement every day.

To those of you who continued to read this far, I wish you the best of health, and in the spirit of healthiness, encourage you to plan your next 2023 vacation. I'm happy to share my favorite Greek dishes with you should you consider a trip to my favorite destination in the eastern Mediterranean!

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