• Deanna Clark-Esposito

How to Navigate When Marketing Online to Overseas Customers

In this video featuring Deanna being interviewed by the "Vanbassador," global e-commerce sellers are taught about legal considerations when marketing online to overseas customers. Josh Halpern, the “Vanbassador”, is a former U.S. Diplomat who decided to “shed the suit and hit the road in [his] converted Sprinter van to interview global e-commerce entrepreneurs” and the experts that can help guide them. Deanna previously sat down with Josh this past Spring to talk about some of the nuances of importing and exporting.

It is important to realize that your obligations are not the same as they are when marketing domestically in the United States. There are specific things that importers and exporters need to pay attention to when doing business overseas.

"...anytime you’re exporting something, anytime you’re doing anything with our borders, the government considers the onus on you to be responsible for knowing what your legal requirements are.” - Deanna Clark, Managing Attorney, Clark-Esposito Law Firm, P.C.

Some aspects of e-commerce you should keep in mind when conducting business overseas using the internet are:

● How who you sell to impacts your liability

● Where and how you can mitigate your risk at check-out

● How to navigate the waters of Free Trade Zones

● Currency repatriation

● How to handle tax and duties when products are returned or passing through Free Trade Zones

Check out the full video so you too can avoid sleepless nights when marketing online overseas. For anyone who watches the full video on these issues and have questions or concerns - we encourage you to contact us for assistance.

We can be reached at contact@clarkespositolaw.com for additional questions related to marketing online overseas, or import/export compliance in general. For educational videos on topics such as this, watch our videos on YouTube to learn more.