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Drawback: Filing a CBP Form 7553, Prior Notice of Intent to Export

Drawback is the refund of illegible duties, taxes, or fees from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the importation of goods that are either reexported or destroyed.

Filers are reminded to follow the applicable guidance in 19 CFR 190.35, 19 CFR 142, and 19 CFR 190.71 when filing the Notice of Intent (NOI) to either export or destroy. When required, this form must be submitted to the CBP Officers at the port designated by the regulations prior to the export or destruction of the drawback-eligible merchandise. After the form has been executed by CBP, it must be uploaded as an attachment to the drawback claim via the Document Image System (DIS) within 24 hours of the drawback claim acceptance date. It is noted the NOI may not be submitted to a drawback office for execution.

CBP offers an array of guides and additional information regarding drawbacks. It is important to note that not all reexports or destroyed goods are illegible and there is also a very specific process for obtaining the refund. Additional drawback information offered by CBP can be found here.

Are you still confused about how drawback works? Do you need to file for drawbacks but are unsure how to start the process? Contact our office today.

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