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What is CBP's New Accelerated Liquidation Policy (and Processing of Post Summary Corrections)?

US Customs (CBP) Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers) aim to prioritize processing of those Post Summary Corrections (PSCs) filed with accelerated liquidation requests over PSCs submitted without accelerated liquidation requests.

If a broker or importer would like to check the status of a PSC that was transmitted with an accelerated liquidation request, please allow 90 days from the date of submission before reaching out to the Center. Exceptions to the 90 day timeframe may be made for special circumstances on a case-by-case basis. PSC status checks should be limited to those on which accelerated requests have been filed.

The Center points of contact are available by team number here.

Processing of a PSC on which an accelerated liquidation has NOT been requested may take up to 314 days depending on the level of CBP review. Following review of a PSC, the Center will process for liquidation.

This guidance will be reflected in the PSC Chapter of the forthcoming version of the Ace Summary Business Rules.

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