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Be Wary of Free Consultations

In this video, we’ll discuss why our firm charges for consultations, and what sets our consultation process apart. Click the play button above to hear more from Jacob and Gina.

First, it’s important to note that our firm is always willing to speak to prospective clients free of charge about their legal needs, our experience in our practice areas, and how we can assist them. However, we offer a formal consultation process that involves an hour of dedicated attorney time. During this consultation, we provide our complete attention to prospective clients and detail a concrete path forward for them, should they choose to engage our firm.

So why do we charge for consultations? One reason is simply time. If we offered free consultations, our attorneys would spend most of their days conducting consultations, rather than focusing on our existing clients’ legal matters. By charging for consultations, we ensure that our clients receive the full attention of our attorneys and that our firm can continue to provide the highest quality legal services to all our clients.

Paid consultations also help ensure that prospective clients who need our specialized legal services are serious about investing in their business or legal matter. By charging for consultations, we prioritize the needs of clients who are committed to finding the right legal representation and who value our experience and expertise.

We recently spoke with a prospective client who had received a free consultation from another law firm before coming to us. During our paid consultation, we identified regulatory obligations and areas of risk that had been overlooked during the free consultation. These overlooked issues could have set the prospective client down the wrong path and exposed them to significant enforcement risk if they had engaged the other firm. This highlights the importance of a comprehensive and dedicated consultation process to ensure that all legal issues are addressed and that clients are informed of potential risks and obligations.

Our consultation process involves a dedicated hour of attorney time, and we charge for consultations to ensure that we can provide the highest quality legal services to all our clients. While free consultations may seem attractive, they often lack the attention and focus needed to identify and address all legal issues. We believe that our consultation process sets us apart by providing our potential clients with a thorough understanding of their legal needs and a concrete path forward.

Have additional questions? Interested in learning more about our consultation process? Give our office a call today at (917) 546-6997.

Ready to Learn More About CBP, OFAC,

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We have dozens (literally!) of videos in our educational library on our YouTube channel related to importing, exporting, US Customs, BIS, OFAC, FWS, FDA, NFTs, and so much more. Subscribe to our channel now to stay up to date on the latest on these topics!

Our law firm helps growing companies who import and export comply with government regulations. We love what we do and we take our oath of confidentiality over your matters very seriously. How much? Watch this video to learn about it. CLICK HERE

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