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Want to Buy or Sell Wholesale at the Canton Fair?

If you're a seasoned importer you almost certainly have, and if you have not heard about this fair before, it's time you did if you're interested in either buying from, or selling to, China.

The fair welcomes roughly 180,000 buyers from 27 countries with more than 100,000 buyers from the US alone.

Compromised of two pavilions, one which is 100% Chinese and the other dubbed "International," buyers can find both China based and global based suppliers. There is even a special USA section for US sellers who bring their goods to take orders from Chinese and other buyers.

Did I mention it's free to attend as a visitor? Exhibitors do of course need to pay for a booth with published prices coming in as low as $5,000 USD.

The next fair is in October 2016 and takes place over three "phases" for which certain goods are sold at the different times. The image below shows the different dates and goods and the international dates are available for phases 1 and 3.

If you are interested in attending you may need a visa (if you're a US citizen you will need one) and you should consider booking a package as it can be incredibly difficult to plan the trip independent of a package.

More information on attending the fair can be obtained from the official website at You can also contact your local Chinese consulate and ask to speak with their Commercial Section. While you're speaking with then be sure to ask about how to apply for a visa and the time frames for obtaining one.

Questions for me? Feel free to send me a message through the Contact form above.



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