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Top 5 US Textile Sourcing Countries in 2016

Did you know that roughly 65% of all textiles imported into the US in 2016 were sourced from these five counties?

1. China

2. Vietnam

3. India

4. Mexico

5. Bangladesh

The US is one of the largest single country consumers of textiles in the world with more than $121.5 billion (USD) worth of clothing and textiles having been imported to the US for fiscal year 2016.

Since the textile sector represents one of the largest manufacturing employers in the US, which employs nearly 600,000 domestic workers, US Customs has made the enforcement of textile and wearing apparel import laws a priority trade issue in an effort to protect both the domestic textile industry, along with the government’s collection of customs duties revenues.

This is especially so where imports of these goods originate from countries in which there is a free trade agreement as US Customs believes there is a high rate of non-compliance in this area.

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