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E-Cigarette Batteries Taking Center Stage With FDA

Those of us involved in international trade and transportation have worked on lithium battery and safety issues for well over a year now, and for my e-cigarette and vape pen importer clients, obtaining certain documents for IATA and other compliance purposes has been par for the course.

Not surprisingly - or perhaps surprisingly - however, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now joined other government agencies in examining the risks of batteries as they relate to overheating, fires, and explosions of electronic nicotine devices (ENDS), including e-cigarettes.

Following its 2016 Deeming Rule which lumped “batteries” in to the definition of an accessory a “tobacco product,” in tandem with a rise in publicized incidents of exploding batteries and the injuries which have accompanied them, the FDA is having a public workshop in April to gather information and stimulate discussion on design parameters and risk reductions for ENDS products.

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