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Customs Updates: 2021 Broker Triennial Status Report and Fee Submission Began 12/15/20

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announces that the submission period for the 2021 Customs Broker Triennial Status Report and fee for all licensed customs brokers opened Dec. 15. Every licensed broker is required to file a status report with CBP every three years and the deadline for submitting the 2021 Triennial Status Report and fee is Feb. 28, 2021.

Triennial status reports may be submitted online via the eCBP portal. A ID allows the filing of your own status report and one organization status report. You may not use your ID to file another individual’s status report. eCBP accepts credit card, debit card, and digital wallet (i.e. PayPal and Amazon Pay) payments. No additional fees are charged for any payments, and receipts are provided electronically.

Each entity holding a broker’s license must file a status report with CBP and pay a processing fee of $100 every three years, in accordance with 19 CFR § 111.30(d). Licensed customs brokers must include an employee list, if applicable, with each status report submitted to CBP in accordance with 19 CFR § 111.28(b). In addition, each individually licensed broker must state whether or not he/she still meets the applicable requirements of 19 CFR § 111.11 and 111.19 and has not engaged in any conduct that could constitute grounds for suspension or revocation under section 111.53. Broker employee lists can be uploaded as a .CSV, .PDF, WORD, or EXCEL file attachment.

Individuals are considered to be "actively engaged" in transacting customs business when they are currently transacting or have recently transacted customs business on behalf of others as a sole proprietor, or when they are employed by a licensed customs broker which is currently transacting or has recently transacted customs business on behalf of others. Those who work for another broker and are not directly involved in any activities which fall under the scope of the definition of CBP business, may report that they are actively engaged in CBP business.

Partnerships, corporations, and associations must also report to customs in a status report whether or not they are actively engaged in customs business. An organization which currently transacts or recently transacted customs business on behalf of others should report that they are "actively engaged" in customs business.

Failure to file a Triennial Status Report will result in the customs broker’s license to first be suspended and then revoked by operation of law, without prejudice.

CBP encourages all brokers to submit the report and fee electronically via eCBP portal; however, CBP will accept a paper status report and payment at the port that originally delivered the license.

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