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Customs Updates: Bond Policy Transferred from Office of Finance to Office of Trade

Effective September 30, 2019, the administration of US Customs bond policies has been transferred from the Office of Finance (OF) to the Office of Trade (OT).

OF will continue to maintain the operation and administration of the bond policy. OT will assume responsibility for providing direction and guidance on the bond policy.

Questions or concerns related to the following topics should continue to be emailed to OF via

  • Bond insufficiency notices

  • Delinquency

  • Voided/Reactivate Importer of Record

  • eBond submission/processing

Questions or concerns related to the following topics should now be emailed to OT via

  • Customs Operational Advisory Committee (COAC) Bond Working Group

  • Code of Federal Regulations (19 CFR 113 – CBP Bonds)

  • Federal Register Notices regarding bonding

  • Bond directives/guidance (e.g. Customs Directive 3510-004 Monetary Guidelines for Setting Bond Amounts)

  • Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Entry Summary Business Rules and Process Document (Bond chapters/sections or bond references)

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