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CBP and FDA Partnership for the Global Business Identifier (GBI) Test

In the fast-evolving landscape of global trade, staying ahead of the curve is essential. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have launched the Global Business Identifier (GBI) Test. This pilot program aims to enhance supply chain traceability, offering significant advantages for early adopters in the import and trade sectors.

Understanding the GBI Test

The GBI Test is designed to evaluate the functionality and effectiveness of various identifiers in improving the visibility of imports and facilitating supply chain traceability. The key identifiers being tested include:

  • Global Location Number (GLN) from GS1

  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

  • Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) from the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

These identifiers aim to replace the outdated Manufacturer/Shipper Identification number (MID), providing more robust and verifiable data to CBP and other Partner Government Agencies (PGAs).

CBP and FDA Collaboration

The collaboration between CBP and FDA shows the critical importance of traceability in ensuring the safety and efficiency of imports, particularly those regulated by FDA, including food, medicine, and other essential goods. Senior officials from both agencies have emphasized the role of this partnership in enhancing coordinated decision-making, reducing costs, and streamlining trade operations. By leveraging these unique identifiers, both agencies aim to create a more predictable and secure supply chain environment.

Benefits for Participants

Getting Ahead of Competitors

Early adopters of the GBI Test can gain a competitive edge by shaping the future of supply chain traceability. By participating, businesses can influence which data fields are most relevant and practical for their specific industry needs. This proactive involvement allows companies to ensure that the program evolves in a way that makes sense for their operations before it becomes a widespread industry standard.

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility and Security

Participants benefit from improved supply chain visibility, enabling more efficient customs procedures. Identifiers provide CBP with detailed data on imports, helping to assess and identify low-risk and compliant shipments more effectively. This, in turn, allows for a faster and more secure processing of lawful goods while focusing resources on preventing violations.

Compliance and Risk Management

For companies already mapping their supply chains, the GBI Test offers a robust framework for managing compliance with emerging traceability demands. By authenticating and verifying supply chain actors, businesses can better manage risks and ensure adherence to new requirements and mandates.

How to Participate in the GBI Test

Participation in the GBI Test is voluntary and open to importers of record and licensed customs brokers. Here are the steps to get involved:

  1. Express Interest: Email the GBI Inbox ( with the subject "Request to Participate in the GBI Test."

  2. Software Readiness: Ensure that your software provider can send GBI data to CBP via the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

  3. Obtain Identifiers: Acquire the necessary identifiers from manufacturers, shippers, sellers, exporters, distributors, and/or packagers through the designated providers:

  • Dun & Bradstreet for DUNS

  • Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation for LEI

  • GS1 US for GLN

For more information on the GBI Test and to join this transformative initiative, visit CBP’s GBI Test webpage.

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