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Busted for its Caffeinated Undergarment? Don’t Stretch the Truth About Shapewear!

Ever hear of cellulite slimming leggings made of fabric infused with caffeine to metabolize fat?  Me neither! 

Nevertheless, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the iPant AntiCellulite Shapewear by Wacoal advertised such benefits of this garment as follows:

“Novarel Slim microfiber incorporates microcapsules containing caffeine, retinol, ceramides and other active principles that improve skin’s appearance and control cellulite.  The caffeine activates microcirculation and speeds up the breakdown of fat. The active principles are released during the garment’s use, providing a permanent anti-cellulite effect."

The recommended use of 8 hours a day for 28 days further purported that test results indicated a reduction in thigh measurement, however, according to the FTC, such test results were merely based on “two unblended, uncontrolled trials with serious methodical flaws.”

Thinking about making a statement about your product that may be stretching the truth?  Steer clear of it and check out for more information on the making of truthful claims.

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