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AABANY's Solo and Small Law Practice Committee Hosts How to Start Your Solo or Small Firm Part II

NOTE: The following blog post is a reprint from WE BLOG @ AABANY,

the official blog of the Asian American Bar Association of New York.

On May 9th, 2024, the Asian American Bar Association of New York's (AABANY’s) Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee held its second part of How to Start Your Own Solo or Small Firm series, covering the topics of “setting up systems and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your firm,” “firm management – day to day operation, firm infrastructure, and when to expand,” “how to obtain clients and build a book of business,” and “pro bono that works for small firm.” Kicking off this event, twelve attorneys gathered onsite with seven attorneys joining via Zoom to listen to the panelists sharing their practice areas, year in business, firm size and how many years they’ve been practicing. They proceeded to share helpful tips and experience on creating systems to effectively scale your firm, branding strategies, business side of the firm, and how to calculate your profit margin.

Back by the popular demands and following the success for the first session in the series, the panel started with Ms Deanna Clark, Managing Attorney and founder of the Clark-Esposito Law Firm, P.C., sharing guidance on how to write the SOP for solo or small firms, internal and external policies, as well as end of week checklist. Moderated by Ms Joanne Urena of Anderson and Associates Law, P.C., the second panelist, Ms Beatrice Leung, founder of Office of Beatrice Leong, proceeded to enlighten the audience on how to build a book of business, gain clients and keep your referral network growing. Her soundbite, "Your Network Is Your Net Worth" resonated with many in the audience. Ms Pauline Yeung-Ha, a Partner at the Grimaldi Yeung Law Group LLP, dived into the day to day operation of the firm, including organizational structure, fee structure and budget, hiring practice and staff accountability, and how to keep up with the changes in law, and legal landscape. Lastly, Ms Yen-Yi Anderson, the managing principal of Anderson and Associates Law, P.C., shared on how her firm started its pro bono arm by partnering with non-profits including AABANY and Legal Aid Society. Details regarding the MOU, office guide and how to keep staff motivated.

Thank you to everyone for spending their Thursday night with AABANY Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee. Special thanks to May Wang and Nandar Kerr of Professional Development Committee, as well as the new Co-Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee, Bianca Lin, for their hard work planning, approving the CLE and organizing this event.

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