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Top 10 Customs Services

Challenge Seizures & Detentions
1. For those who need there goods released as soon as possible.
Manage Redelivery Notices
2. For importers who need help handling this response, especially in the case where there are no longer goods to redeliver.
Liquidated Damages Claims
3. For importers facing an unexpected liquidated damages claim from CBP and need to defend against paying.
Audits, Focused Assessments & ISA
4. For recipient facing a CBP audit, or want to prepare for the inevitable one.
Prior Disclosures
5. For importers who prefer to disclose errors in advance of CBP discovering wrongdoing, so they can avoid higher penalties and other ramifications.
Request For Info & Notice of Action
6. For importers who recognize the importance of a well-crafted response to CBP actions.
Request CBP Decision or Ruling
7. For importers that desire written confirmation from US Cusoms about a product's classification, valuation, origin, determination or admisability.
FDA Import Alerts & FSVP
8. For importers looking to avoid business disruptions through compliance with food safety regulations
Defend Made In USA & FTC Actions
9. For importers facing FTC violations of "Made in USA" or other marketing claims.
Trusted Traveler Revocation
10. For those facing Trusted Traveler revocation from programs like Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS, FAST, etc., and seek status restoration.
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