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When Can I Export a Product Made in the USA and Import it Back Duty-Free?

While a tariff war may be brewing in our midst, one rule governing a certain class of products has remain unchanged with respect to their duty-free entry. These are goods considered “Made in the USA” that were exported for reasons such as repair or replacement.

US Customs has a program that provides for the duty-free entry of goods into the US that are considered “Made in the USA” that were exported for reasons such as cleaning, repair or replacement. In these situations where an exporter will also be an importer on the same goods, certain paperwork may be done in advance so that such returned goods can return to the US without the need to pay duties on them.

Such documentation must be completed in advance of any export however. In addition, proof of export of the exact goods being imported is likewise required. Of course there are certain caveats to obtaining this, such as issues pertaining to any changes in value. To ensure you benefit from this approach, the specifics regarding any such activity should be discussed with your customs specialist or trade counsel.

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