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Peggy Gruenka

Peggy Gruenka

Billing Director

Peggy, with 20 years in the legal industry and a background in IT consulting, excels as a Billing Director. A Xavier University alum, her expertise spans QuickBooks, Clio products, and law firm financials. Renowned as a speaker on law firm operations, she enjoys wine and board games, favoring Azul.


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My Story

Peggy has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Prior to working with lawyers, she was an IT consultant for small businesses. Peggy is a nationally sought-after speaker on law firm accounting and law firm operations. Her specialties include QuickBooks Online, Clio products, law firm accounting, and financial analysis. Peggy graduated from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.  In her free time, she will be found enjoying a glass of wine and playing board games with family and friends. To date, her favorite board game is Azul.


B.S., Xavier University
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