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recent Presentations & publications


  1. Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry, NY County Lawyers Assoc. (NYCLA), Dec. 2018

  2. Talking Trade Event - Faculty Publications, Int’l Trade & Marketing Dept., SUNY F.I.T. , Nov. 2018

  3. “Conscious Fashion” – Strategies to Sustainability and Beyond, Fashion Group International (FGI), Oct. 2018

  4. Sustainable Fashion and “Green Marketing Legalities,” Sustainable Fashion Forum, Los Angeles, Oct. 2018

  5. The Future of Fashion, Le French Lab and LA Textiles Week, Oct. 2018

  6. Webinar: How to Request a Tariff Exclusion Request (China Sec. 301), SFATA, Oct. 2018

  7. Interview on Cannabis Law: Refinery 29’s “The Grass Ceiling,” (upcoming film), Oct. 2018

  8. Why Does International Trade Need Fair Trade?, Baruch College with OWIT-NY and NYCFTC, Sept. 2018

  9. Vape and CBD Legalities, Champs Trade Shows, Las Vegas, July 2018

  10. Fashion and Sustainability Summit, LIM College, May 2018

  11. Legal Compliance for the Vape & E-Cigarette Industry,, May 2018

  12. Policy and Regulatory Panel, Yale University’s Business of Legal Cannabis Conference, Feb. 2018


  1. FDA & The Vape Industry: A Year In Review, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Dec. 2018

  2. Experts Gather at NYU to Examine the Potential of E-Cigs, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Nov. 2018

  3. U.S. Tariffs on Textile Imports From China Leads to Trade Opportunities Elsewhere, (quoted in) California Apparel News, Oct. 2018

  4. Teen Vape "Epidemic?" The Time is Now to Prevent Youth Access to Vaping, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Oct. 2018

  5. Sustainable Fashion Forum at L.A. Textiles Brings Industry Leaders Into the Eco Discussion, (quoted in) California Apparel News, Oct. 2018

  6. Legal Considerations with Sustainable Brand Storytelling, Fashion Mannuscript, Sept. 2018

  7. Trade Wars: Will the Vape Industry be the Next Victim?, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Sept. 2018

  8. 4 Signs it’s Time to Look for a New 3PL Partner, (quoted in) article, Aug. 2018

  9. When Things Fall Apart…3 Tips for Employers to Protect E-Juice Formulas and Other Trade Secrets, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Aug. 2018

  10. 5 Tips on Submitting Comments to FDA on Tobacco Product Flavors – Due July 19, 2018, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, July 2018

  11. 27 Textile Books to Read Instead of Going to the 4th of July Barbeque, (recognized in) Brooklyn Pratt’s Fashion + Design Accelerator, June 2018

  12. Is New York Next to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?, CannaBiz Wholesaler Magazine, June 2018

  13. Can Black Women Do Good and Get Rich in Big Cannabis, (quoted in) Refinery 29, June 2018

  14. New Online Crash Course on Vape Industry Legalities, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, May 2018

  15. Practicing Fashion: Q&A with Deanna Clark-Esposito, Leaders in Law, April 2018

  16. Yale Usher's in the Ivy League with its First Business of Legal Cannabis Conference, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, April 2018

  17. A Practical Guide to Fashion Law and Compliance, Fairchild Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, March 2018

  18. SFATA Descends on Capitol Hill in Support of the Vape Industry, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, March 2018

  19. 18 Months Have Passed Since FDA’s Deeming Rule – Where Does the Vape industry Stand?, B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Feb. 2018

  20. Lawmakers and State AGs Signal Favorable Cannabis Outlook for 2018, CannaBiz Wholesaler Magazine, Jan. 2018

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