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Counseling companies on international trade laws, customs procedures, and compliance measures to ensure business operations comply with import laws, mitigate risks, and conform to the record keeping and disclosure requirements of US Customs.

Exporters/Logistic Providers

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Advising clients on global shipping, maritime, warehousing and other cargo related matters to ensure operational and legal compliance with export controls, denied parties, sanctions, OFAC, BIS, anti-bribery/anti-corruption issues, and matters of national security.

Vape| Tobacco| Hemp

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Helping clients navigate the regulatory framework of the FDA, TTB and DEA requirements so that businesses can comply with their reporting requirements, operate lawfully in an ever-changing legal landscape, and be prepared for the inevitable government visit.

Fashion Law


Providing legal advice on international trade and fashion matters, contract drafting for sales and supplier agreements, vendor oversight, production/supply chain management, and minimizing risks in global business.

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