Jacob Lundy


Jacob Lundy has an extensive prior background in criminal investigations and criminal justice policy, having spent 12 years in major-city law enforcement as well fulfilling a variety of concurrent roles in criminal justice policy, including collaborations with criminal justice agencies across Europe. Jacob has authored a number of highly regarded criminal justice initiatives implemented across the US and globally, and has frequently published in US media and specialist forums devoted to criminal justice policy.  While Jacob continues to regularly guest lecture on criminal justice and civil rights topics at a number of universities in both the US and Europe, in 2017 he began pursuing his interests outside of criminal justice and undertook studies in foreign and comparative law in the UK.  Today, while working with the Clark-Esposito Law Firm, P.C. Jacob continues on his path toward an LLM in comparative law with the University of London system, King’s College. Jacob’s dynamic international background and ongoing legal studies serves the firm’s diverse array of domestic and foreign clients well.  In his free time, Jacob reads extensively in the areas of law and history, travels often, and frequently teaches pro bono at a variety of institutions.


LLB English Common Law; EU Law, King's College London (Spring 2022)
LLM Foreign and Comparative Law, IALS University of London (Expected 2023)