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Counseling companies on international trade laws, customs procedures, and compliance measures to ensure business operations comply with import laws, mitigate risks, and conform to the record keeping and disclosure requirements of US Customs.
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In trouble with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)? 

to read our booklet on what to do if you are facing a CBP investigation.

Menu of services.

This menu reflects common services we provide and is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities.

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duty mitigation strategies to china tariff increase

For importers impacted by the "China Tariffs" increase and seek an analysis to determine ways in which customs duties may otherwise be reduced.


Carnet Matters:

Proving an Export


For carnet holders who inadvertently failed to meet the requirements on a shipment and are now facing the threat of unpaid customs duties from a foreign government or US Customs itself.



US Customs (CBP) Decision on a Product

For importers who either (1) want to determine the classification and duty rate of a product or (2) want to verify the admissibility of a product under consideration for foreign manufacture and/or importation.





For recipients of a notice from CBP of a Focused Assessment audit who seek support to put their best response and position forward, together with an aim to avoid any penalties or other ramifications.


Foreign Supplier and Importer Due Diligence

For importers of products ready to formalize processes, including design and implementation of Quality Control (QC) protocols, contracts (NDA, exclusive distribution, etc), correct invoicing, finding a US Customs Brokers, etc.


Foreign Supplier Questionnaire - Vendor Oversight

For those seeking new overseas suppliers and desire an understanding of the inner workings and compliance measures recognized and followed by the manufacturer.


Design a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) - Post Audit

For audited importers seeking a realistic CAP that can reasonably be done given the current demands of your business, and which meets US Customs' requirements.


Creation of an Import Compliance Manual

For importers who are ready to - or need to - document their reasonable care and due diligence measures in their US Customs operations.


Prior Disclosure


For importers aware of an error made in its customs procedures who prefer to disclose and correct such errors in advance of CBP discovering the wrongdoing itself, and therefore becoming at risk of significantly higher penalties and other ramifications, including increased scrutiny by CBP.




For companies that disagree with a CBP determination and seek to

contest it.


Responding to a CBP

Notice of Action 


For an importer of products who wants to challenge the unexpected action taken by CBP that has changed the tariff (HTSUS) number and subsequently increased its duty rate.


Responding to a CBP Request for Information


For an importer of products who has received a request from US Customs about merchandise imported and seeks assistance to provide an appropriate response.


Responding to a US Customs Seizure OR Detention Notice  


For an importer of products whose goods have been detained or seized by US Customs, whether prior to or following the issuance of, a detention letter or seizure notice.


*NEW* Social Compliance Program

Includes a Supplier's Code of Conduct, Manufacturer's Certificates, Stakeholder Identification, Supplier Questionnaire, and Social Compliance Manual.

For importers who have their Reasonable Care obligations in order and need the creation and implementation of a Social Compliance Program to meet CBPs new reasonable care requirement on forced labor. 


Tariff Classification - Duty Recovery Savings Program

For importers who want to determine if there is a more appropriate tariff number which can and should be used on an import that can result in more favorable duty rate.


Creation of SOPs

for Importing

For importers who want to document processes and procedures in order to streamline how import orders, receipts, supplier oversight, and customs entries are managed.

In trouble with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)? 

to read our booklet on what to do if you are facing a CBP investigation.

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