Understanding the nature of international trade and business transactions that a law firm can assist importers and exporters with can be a daunting task due to both the diversity of matters and the scarcity of trade counsel globally. While our list isn't exhaustive, it will give you an idea of the types of issues we can resolve for importers, exporters and those who support them (freight forwarders, customs brokers, etc.).

25 Reasons Why Potential New Clients Contact Our Law Firm

Jun 14, 2020

Hi, my name is Deanna Clark-Esposito and I'm the Founder and Managing Attorney of the Clark-Esposito Law Firm, P.C.  In this presentation, I'm going to share with you 25 reasons why potential new clients contact our law firm. Unlike many other areas of law, when it comes to importing and exporting, the implications of the law and its application to your particular matter will vary based upon the unique circumstances of your transaction. In tandem with this are the risks that you know about, which you want to eliminate or avoid. And of course, those risks that you are unaware of, which are an additional reason for why you're interested in speaking with an attorney. This list I'm about to share is not an exhaustive list, but a demonstrative one. And if there's something you'd like guidance on, I invite you to check out the consultation page on our website for more information. Turning now to our list of reasons... 

The first is that a potential new client contacts us to help them devise a specific plan or course of action for a new venture. Next, we are contacted to help develop a strategy to a global transaction, to expand a potential new client's already existing business. Third, we are contacted to help prepare an application to obtain a government agency approval. Fourth, we are contacted to help respond to a government inquiry. For example, a U.S. Customs (CBP) seizure notice, or an FDA warning letter. Fifth, we are contacted to get help submitting a disclosure to a government agency for making a mistake, whether knowingly or unknowingly before they discover your wrongdoing. Sixth, we are contacted to help in defending against a civil penalty, which occurs when the government concludes you've done something wrong. Seventh, we're contacted to help determine how to re-obtain a government license or permit that expired or is subject to renewal under new terms, and then to assist with actually obtaining it. 


Reason Number Eight is that we're contacted to help potential new clients understand the implications of the current law on a proposed transaction that's desired. Number Nine is that we're contacted to help protect against the risks you know about and to understand what risks you don't in a course of action you're considering taking. Ten, we're contacted to help you understand what type of export license may be required. Reason Number Eleven is that we're contacted to help you understand the process of how to do an activity lawfully. The Twelfth reason is that we're contacted to help you understand how to best structure a transaction, to save money, avoid known pitfalls, and to have unknown pitfalls identified. The Thirteenth reason we're contacted is to help you learn if there's another way to conduct your business operations so as to save money or reduce risk. The Fourteenth reason we're contacted is to help you determine if a proposed international transaction is even viable under the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) rules. 


Reason Number Fifteen is we’re contacted to help create or clean up a company's own compliance program, whether that's with respect to U.S. Customs, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Sixteenth reason we're contacted is to help you respond to a government audit. Number Seventeen is that we're contacted to help you devise a compliance improvement plan following a government audit. The Eighteenth reason we're contacted is to help you perform an internal audit for due diligence purposes. The Nineteenth reason we're contacted is to help you analyze a contract, to discuss risks, draft amendments, to strengthen your position, and to negotiate the terms on your behalf. The Twentieth reason that we're contacted is to help you with actually writing a contract. Reason Number Twenty-One is that we are contacted to help you defend against a penalty arising from the use of a carnet and specifically it's alleged improper use and assisting with responding to U.S Customs and USCIB. 

The Twenty-Second reason why we’re contacted is to help you submit a request to U.S. Customs, OFAC, or the FDA for a decision on a proposed transaction. The Twenty-Third reason why we're contacted is to help you submit a request to BIS for an ECCN determination. The Twenty-Fourth reason why we're contacted is to help you submit a request to BIS on whether a license for a proposed export or a re-export is required. Last but not least, we're contacted to help you gain peace of mind in your decision to take a specific course of action. Have reason Number 26? Send us an inquiry through any one of the contact forms on our website shown below on the bottom of your screen. www.clarkespositolaw.com, (917) 546-6997, contact@clarkespositolaw.com, 1345 Avenue of the Americas, Fl 33, New York, NY 10105. And while there, click on the consultation button to learn more about how to schedule a meeting with us, we'd be happy to talk to you. Thanks for watching and have a great rest of the day.