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We help exporters streamline their global business operations, whether resolving a national security issue with BIS or OFAC, ensuring current exports do not violate any prohibitions in relation to destination, use, or user, or in capturing a new business opportunity. In need of a solution?  Let us help you minimize risks and improve your business operations today. 
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Menu of services.

This menu reflects common services we provide and is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities.

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Legal Analysis of Foreign Country's Import laws, Restrictions and Protocols

For US exporters seeking to protect their assets and reputation by determining the legal requirements of the products they sell into a particular country or group of countries.


Legal Analysis of Denied and/or Restricted Parties on a Government watch List

For responsible companies aiming to avoid being involved in a prohibited shipment of merchandise to a party with whom it is not legally allowed to engage in a transaction, under the ever changing laws and lists involving restricted parties.


LEGAL Analysis of

Exporter Obligations

For responsible US exporters exercising oversight of its legal obligations in relation to a new product or service, and who aim to avoid the allegations and penalties that accompany violations of US export laws.


Exceptions or Exemption Determination

For companies who recognize there is a sanction or other barrier to an authorized export but who seek to understand if there is an exception or exemption to the rule which would permit their export.


Determination of BIS Export License Requirements

For manufacturers and sellers of products intended for export that may need a BIS license, meet a license exemption or exception, a designation of NLR, or otherwise.


Determination of an

OFAC License

For companies whose exports may be subject to an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)  license and who seek a determination as to its need (or not) in advance of undertaking the shipping activity.

NOTE: Obtaining an OFAC license is a separate service.


Apply for an

Export License

For exporters in need of a BIS or other license in advance of the export.


Apply for an

OFAC License

For exporters with products (1) heading to certain people or entities, (2) for specific activities, or (3) destined for certain parts of the world, for which an OFAC license is needed.


OFAC Determination of a Proposed Transaction

For companies trying to determine the best viable option for a shipment and/or financial transaction with a restricted party/country and seek a determination by OFAC of its authority to do so in advance of risking the loss of money and potential penalties by acting without advance authority.


Audits - Census, BIS, OFAC


For recipients of a notice from one of the agencies about an audit who seek support in putting their best response and position forward, together with an aim to avoid any penalties or other ramifications.


Respond to CBP Notice for an Export Violation 


For recipients of this type of notice seeking assistance with the mitigation or cancelation of penalties, or other support in its response to CBP.


Prior Disclosure

(to BIS, OFAC, Census)

For exporters, logistics companies, and other parties involved in an activity for which the non-compliance with an export law occurred, who want to notify the agency of the activity in advance of its finding out on its own, to save money on any potential penalties and other ramifications.


Export Compliance


For responsible US exporters ready to document their required reasonable care and due diligence measures in their export operations.


Importer-of-Record (IOR) Agreement

For US shippers who have foreign counterparts acting as their Importer of Record in another country and seek to protect their interests in that relationship.

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