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Fashion Law

Providing legal advice on international trade and fashion matters, contract drafting for sales and supplier agreements, vendor oversight, production/supply chain management, and minimizing risks in global business.


Publisher Bloomsbury/Fairchild’s Newest Fashion Law Book Provides a Fresh Approach to Building a Fashion Business


Whether aspiring to set up your own retail or fashion based import/export business, have your sights set on joining an established brand, or are a seasoned executive just checking in on how the business you are already running should be operating, this book is a must read for anyone in the business of fashion. 

Get your copy today from the publisher at or here

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Menu of services.

This menu reflects common services we provide and is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities.

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Fashion Compliance


For designers and brands who can no longer afford to "ignore" their legal obligations now that their business is taking shape, and seek an understanding of the extent to which its operations are in compliance with the laws it needs to be.


Fashion Compliance


For fashion businesses ready to document and implement measures to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that must be abided by in day-to-day operations.




For brands and companies ready to streamline their operations, formalize relationships, and further protect the assets they've worked so hard to create. Contracts may relate to supplier's standards, exclusivity arrangements, quality control, cross-border agreements, supplier's ethical code of conduct, confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements, etc.


*NEW* Social Compliance Program Package

Includes a Supplier Code of Conduct, Supplier Self-Assessment, Manufacturer's Certificates, Stakeholder Identification, Social Compliance FAQs, Supplier's Questionnaire, and Social Compliance Manual

For companies seeking relationships with vendors who meet their social compliance standards and who desire to create for their company a social compliance program.


Customs Decisions on Specialty Products

For importers who either (1) want to determine the classification and duty rate of a specialty product (e.g. importing used fabric scaps for duty refund purposes) or (2) want to verify the admissibility of a product under consideration for foreign manufacture and/or importation.


Marketing Claims


For companies aiming to have their fiber, eco-, or other marketing claims verified as being in compliance with the various advertising and marketing laws out there.


Duty Refund on Exported

Goods Previously Imported

For importers who import fashion merchandise and want to apply to receive a duty refund on exported goods that they previously imported.


Foreign Supplier Questionnaire - Vendor Oversight

For those seeking new overseas suppliers and desire an understanding of the inner workings and compliance measures recognized, certified to, and followed by the manufacturer.


Import Compliance


For importers of fashion merchandise who are ready to document their required reasonable care and due diligence measures in their US Customs operations.


US Customs Tariff Classification/ Duty Project

For fashion importers who want to understand if their products are eligible for a different tariff classification and duty rate.

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