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Welcome to our Build A Better Business Series where we share soft skills to help you and your business. Watch our series of videos below from our Youtube Channel. We'll continue to update this series with new videos as we create them. Feel free to watch more of our videos and subscribe to get to know us a little better!

Episode 1

In the series' first installment, Jacob will describe the benefits of developing a set of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your business.

Episode 2

In the series' second installment, Gina will walk you through why you should invest in marketing for your business.

Episode 3

In the series' third installment, Deanna and Tony Liu, Esq. of Focus Law Group discuss what to do when facing a notice from US Customs and Border Protection, sanctions, and seized property.

Episode 4

In the series' fourth installment, Susan is going to reveal 5 reasons you want to have an attorney on your side if you’re dealing with a government investigation of any kind, or any legal issue for that matter.

Episode 5

In the series' fifth installment, Deanna is going to outline the steps to begin designing your export plan for success.

Episode 6

In the series' sixth installment, Jacob will explain how you can begin creating a successful Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) for a new tobacco product. 

Episode 7

In the series' seventh installment, Deanna and Tony Liu, Esq. of Focus Law Group discuss various aspects of corporate law to companies engaged in importing and exporting.

Episode 8

In the series' eighth installment, Jacob will describe how you can get a head start in a new business venture by confronting all of the ways your business may be regulated in advance.

Episode 9

In the series' ninth installment, Deanna explains the reasons why you should be planning your tobacco importing business at least 2 years in advance of ever having a viable business. 

Episode 10

In the series' tenth installment, Gina will describe 7 ways that you can keep your workplace green.

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