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Our Managing Attorney, Deanna Clark, regularly writes for B2B Wholesaler's Column, "Ask Deanna- A Vape & Legal Insights Column." 


Ask Deanna gives guidance to vape and hemp industry stakeholders about their business and legal questions.

Scroll through this page to view and download previous articles from the column.


FDA & The Vape Industry: A Year in Review

Vape Shops: What Should You Be Doing in 2019?

What Has FDA Proposed as its New Compliance Policy on Vape Products?

What is 'Ask Deanna - A Vape Biz & Legal Insights Column?

What is the Impact of the Latest Round of the China Tariffs Increase by Trump on the Vape Industry?

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Ask Deanna- August 2019 Edition

Ask Deanna- Regulator Watch Report on PMTA Advice

Ask Deanna- October 2019 Edition

Ask Deanna- What are FDA's New Proposed PMTA Regulations?

Ask Deanna- Insurance Policies for Vapor/CBD Business and Flavor Bans


Ask Deanna- Marketing Claims

Ask Deanna- Age Requirements for Tobacco Vapor Products

Ask Deanna- Other Possibilities for Vape Shops Not Doing PMTA

Ask Deanna- FDA and CBD

Ask Deanna- COVID-19

Ask Deanna- 10 Must-Dos for Export Success

Ask Deanna- What Do I Need to Be Aware of If I'm Selling CBD Products in Other States?

Ask Deanna- The PMTA Deadline Has Passed - Now What?

Ask Deanna- U.S. Customs Increases Scrutiny Over Imports to Domestic Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers

Ask Deanna- What Should I Do If I Receive an FDA Warning Letter?

Ask Deanna- Cutting Corners on PMTA Costs, Now That You've Outed Yourself: What to Do?


Ask Deanna- Online CBD Sales: How Can I Avoid Breaking The Law Across State Lines?

Ask Deanna- What's Happening Legally in 2021 for Cannabis? 

Ask Deanna- Can I Continue to Ship My Vapor Products Under the PACT Act?

Ask Deanna- Are You Importing Low Value Shipments of Vapor Products?

Check Out U.S. Customs' Updated Position on Imports to Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers

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